OPERA DEI PUPI | Rinaldino

Data / Ora
Date(s) - 08/12/2020
6:00 pm

Rinaldino, Company Famiglia Argento
Palermo, Teatro Agramante

While the court of Charlemagne is meeting in council, Ginamo di Baiona confesses that Rinaldo and his brothers are not Amone’s sons but his own. Malagigi, learned of infamy thanks to his magical arts, turns into an old armor trader and reveals the secret to the young Rinaldo, handing him the weapons to avenge the honor of his father and mother by challenging Ginamo in a duel to the death .

Silver Family Company. The company has counted puppeteers since 1893, with their wealth of stories and shows, they can be considered to all intents and purposes honorary members of the Sicilian artistic and cultural heritage. A legacy handed down for generations and now in the hands of Vincenzo Argento and his children Anna, Nicolò, Dario, his wife Teresa and his nephew Christian who, every day, with dedication and extraordinary attention to detail, bring the spectacular adventures to the stage. of Sicilian puppets. The mastery of the Silver shines through in every scene, in every dialogue, in every play of light. The movements are as fluid as they are natural and the puppets seem to come to life with every gesture. Strengthened by the charm of tradition, the Argento family have taken their shows around the world over the years, from America to Spain to Germany, enjoying great success everywhere.

MY FESTIVAL PLAYER has selected 4 shows among the 80 (12 companies from all over Sicily belonging to the “Italian network of organizations for the protection, promotion and enhancement of the puppet opera”) scheduled by the XLV Festival of Morgana. The Festival is part of ATF, the Figure Theaters Association (member of Italiafestival).

The 4 shows scheduled on MY FESTIVAL PLAYER, out of the 80 planned by the Festival, will allow the public to attend shows with puppets belonging to different schools, which differ in the size of the puppets and in the maneuvering techniques.

The shows will be available free on demand on italiafestival.tv until the end of the Festival, 13 December 2020.

XLV Festival of Morgana
4> 13 December 2020
Acireale, Alcamo, Messina, Palermo, Syracuse, Sortino, Terrasini
The Festival di Morgana 2020, Sicily and the “magical objects”
like magnifying glasses to look at the world