OPERA DEI PUPI | La lancia dorata di Argalia

Data / Ora
Date(s) - 13/12/2020
6:00 pm

The golden spear of Argalia
Ancient company Opera dei pupi Puglisi family
SORTINO (SR), Municipal puppet theater

The Ancient company Opera dei pupi Famiglia Puglisi, active for five generations, represents one of those realities that contributed to the expansion of the Opra in Sicily. The most famous character of the family is certainly Don Ignazio Puglisi, who was able to lend his voice to all the characters on stage without the public being able to understand that it came from a single person. A few years after the death of Don Ignazio, his grandson, Ignazio Manlio, resumes the business inherited from his grandfather. Today the Company re-proposes the ancient glory of the theater using faithful copies of puppets of the time up to 130 cm tall and weighing over 30 kg.

Stage adaptation and direction Ignazio Puglisi – Music by Marco Cannata
Argalia, son of the lord of Cathay, King Galafrone, arrives in France with a golden spear of such virtue that every Knight, as soon as he is touched by it, falls dead from his horse. Galafrone also has a ring that, worn on the left side in the mouth, makes it invisible, and worn on the finger, it dissolves all spells.
At the joust banished in Paris by Carlo, Angelica arrives with Argalia under the false name of Uberto dal Leone. The young man wants to juggle with all the Paladins. If he wins he will be satisfied with a wreath of roses. If he loses, Angelica will surrender to the winner, but on the condition that whoever falls off his horse can no longer duel. Orlando, Namo, Carlo, Rinaldo, Ferraù and the whole Court light up with the beauty of Angelica. …
Meanwhile, with the help of the devils, Malagigi discovers Angelica’s true intentions, but is taken prisoner and magically brought to Catai.
It is cast by lot who is the first to clash with Argalia. Astolfo who is beaten and taken prisoner. Pure Ferraù is beaten, but Argalia promises him Angelica in marriage. She disagrees and the duel resumes.
Angelica escapes and with her Argalia, chased by Ferraù.
Left alone, Astolfo rides a horse with Argalia’s golden spear and returns to Paris.

MY FESTIVAL PLAYER has selected 4 shows among the 80 (12 companies from all over Sicily belonging to the “Italian network of organizations for the protection, promotion and enhancement of the puppet opera”) scheduled by the XLV Festival of Morgana. The Festival is part of ATF, the Figure Theaters Association (member of Italiafestival).

The 4 shows scheduled on MY FESTIVAL PLAYER, out of the 80 planned by the Festival, will allow the public to attend shows with puppets belonging to different schools, which differ in the size of the puppets and in the maneuvering techniques.

The shows will be available free on demand on italiafestival.tv until the end of the Festival, 13 December 2020.

XLV Festival of Morgana
4> 13 December 2020
Acireale, Alcamo, Messina, Palermo, Syracuse, Sortino, Terrasini
The Festival di Morgana 2020, Sicily and the “magical objects”
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