Armonie d’Arte Festival | Nuove rotte mediterranee


OCCIDENTE DA ORIENTE – nuove e antiche rotte lungo terre e mari di mezzo

Ramin Bahrami piano
Francesco Colella narrator

Ramin Bahrami e Francesco Colella

idea by Chiara Giordano
music programme curated by Ramin Bahrami
classic Greek and Persian texts, curated by Armando Vitale

Subtitles in English

in collaboration with Leggere e Scrivere Festival

World première
Produced by the Festival

In the title there’s the deep meaning of the music and word narration which represents a sort of journey/dialogue of two worlds, the European and the Middle Eastern, foundations of the entire Western spirit.
The Greek world and the Italian Magna Graecia, as the Persian world to which Ramin Bahrami belongs, along the routes of the Mediterranean Sea have marked a geographic and cultural latitude which is still archetypical and unavoidable today. Investigating and linking the artistic, music and literary codes, the symbolic and the meaningful ones, even for their impact on the most modern or contemporary repertoires, expresses the intention of Armonie d’Arte to produce an all-out cultural reflection and coherent with the theme of the Festival subtitle, also a fascinating challenge for the artists and the audience.

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Armonie d’Arte Festival | Nuove rotte mediterranee