Summer Italian Festivals”, an initiative promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in collaboration with Italiafestival, the multidisciplinary association formed by some of the most prestigious Italian festivals, is back for the second year running.
From 4 July to 23 September 2021, a virtual tour of the main Italian festivals will start: a rich programme of dance, theatre and music performances available for free in live streaming and on demand on the Vimeo channel of italiana and on the new Italiafestival.tv portal.

The excellent response to the first edition of « Estate all’italiana » Festival in 2020, led the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) to repeat the collaboration with Italiafestival also for the current year.

« Estate all’italiana » Festival 2021 is a project strongly desired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and by Italiafestival, to reinvigorate the link with the land of origin through the artistic works proposed, an opportunity to make known to all latitudes the variety and richness of cultural events in our country and Made in Italy, even the most intangible.

« The idea of promoting Italian festivals in the world after a long period of isolation was a winning one » says Francesco Maria Perrotta, president of Italiafestival. « We celebrated the restart of the cultural activities of our festivals by launching a message of closeness to the spectators of the rest of the world through the streaming of the shows. Given the success achieved, in order to increase the loyalty of our spectators, we are committed » – continues Perrotta – « to continue the project also in 2021. In compliance with all the anti-Covid regulations, the organisational evolution of the live show has seen festivals untangle themselves in a multiple of areas in order to reopen their doors, a clear sign that the world of live performance has shown that it knows how to react in order to feed its ever-growing audience».

The programme of « Estate all’italiana » Festival 2021 includes 27 shows on demand and in live streaming. All the shows will be visible on channel Italiana (https://italiana.esteri.it/italiana/en/) and on the new italiafestival.tv portal, free of charge.



Ravenna Festival
4July 2021
The tour starts with Vinicio Capossela’s “BESTIARIO D’AMORE”, a performance freely adapted from the homonymous work by Richard de Fournival dedicated to the forms that love can happily embody, following the pattern of medieval bestiaries: “the lover is a monster, overwhelmed by the need to show himself. And since we cannot avoid love, we celebrate it in the form of a bestiary”.

Campania Theatre Festival
5 July 2021
“I RACCONTI DI MAMMA ORCA” by Roberto De Simone, with Edoardo Catemario (guitar), canonical quartet Matteo Calosci (violin), Niccolò Musumeci (violin), Margherita Fanton (viola), Zoltan Szabo (cello). A work in five movements, representative of the link between the neapolitan musical tradition, archaic and popular, and contemporary music in its most refined sense.

Brescia and Bergamo Piano Festival
7 July 2021
“CONCERT FOR PIANO AND ORCHESTRA” n.2 by Brahms performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Festival, Pier Carlo Orizio director, Francesco Piemontesi pianist.

Ravenna Festival
9 July 2021
The young members of the Guadagnini Quartet, together with the cello of Enrico Bronzi, an internationally renowned soloist, will perform Franz Schubert’s famous String Quartet No. 12 in C minor. The four strings, winners of the prestigious Piero Farulli Prize, and the famous cellist will then perform the Quintet, which the composer completed just two months before his death and which represents the peak of his chamber music production: a work with a complex architecture, a sort of harmonic kaleidoscope to which the doubling of the lower register gives it an almost symphonic character.

Emilia Romagna Festival
12 July 2021
In the evocative setting of the millenary Pomposa Abbey, the prestigious Choir of Friuli Venezia Giulia, directed by Maestro Ernst Hoetzl, with the solo flute of Boris Bizjak, performs in the concert Cantatas and sacred motets by J.S. Bach, a fascinating programme from Bach to Mendelssohn to contemporary Cristian Carrara with a new composition in its first performance, O Somma Luce for a cappella choir and flute, inspired by Dante’s Paradise.

Alkantarafest (Areasud)
16 July 2021
The “Unconventional Folk” of the Sicily Folk Orchestra is on stage at Areasud: an ensemble created to rediscover, reinterpret and promote Sicilian musical traditions by placing them in a fully modern context, regenerating and enhancing the island’s popular music repertoire by bringing it to the squares, theatres and world music festivals around the world.

Festival with Itria Valley Festival
17 July 2021
The Teatro Petruzzelli Orchestra performs “The Creation” by F. J. Haydn, in the Italian rhythmic version prepared for the apulian festival by philologist Dario Del Corno and revised for this new edition by his son Filippo. Directed by Fabio Ceresa and with sets by Tiziano Santi.

Piccolo Opera Festival
19 July 2021
“Maria de Buenos Aires”, a new co-production of Goldoni theatre Livorno. With Arianna Manganello (Maria), Giacomo Medici (baritone), Gianluca Ferrato (actor). Directed by Igor Zobin.

Associazione Figli d’Arte Cuticchio (ATF)
21 July 2021
The “Fantastic Rhapsody” performed by Nicola Mogavero (sax), Alessio Pianelli and Francesco Biscari (cellos), Mauro Vivona (horn), Giacomo Cuticchio (piano and direction). The five musicians combine the sound of wind, bow and keyboard on harmonies and melodies composed by Giacomo Cuticchio and inspired by the Teatro dei Pupi (Puppets Theatre), in a lively reinterpretation of the epic-chivalric world.

Puccini Festival
23 July 2021
Stefania Sandrelli makes her debut as an opera director with “Tosca”, the masterpiece that opens the 67th edition of the Puccini Festival.

Macerata Opera Festival
28 July 2021
In the scenario of the magnificent colonnade of the Sferisterio, staging of “D’un immortale amor”, original composition by Silvia Colasanti for reciting voice, countertenor, string quartet and percussions, with texts by Mariangela Gualtieri.

30 July 2021
Concert by the Ensemble Prometeo conducted by Marco Angius. The programme will feature an intense dialogue between the United States and Italy on the instrumental level (the absolute sound of MortonFeldman and the illusionistic geometries of Aldo Clementi) and the vocal level (the challenges between sound and meaning by Brian Ferneyhough and Franco Donatoni), with the participation of mezzo-soprano Katarzyna Otczyk.

Opera Summer Festival
2 August 2021
On the 100th anniversary of the death of the composer Camille Saint Saens, an Italian network of dance organisations creates the project “Swans Never Die” and invites different artists to work on the solo The Death of the Swan as a field of experimentation, between reinvention and quotation, between history and memory. Alongside the classical version interpreted by Virna Toppi, prima ballerina at the Teatro alla Scala, there are creations by Chiara Bersani, Collettivo MINE, Silvia Gribaudi, Philippe Kratz and Camilla Monga, accompanied by the musicians Filippo Vignato and Emanuele Maniscalco.

 Dragon Theatre (ATF)
7 August 2021
A Teatro dei Pupi (Puppet Theatre) show without words, in which images, music and animation come together to create a playful and colourful atmosphere like the great circus of “Pinocchio”. The set design and puppets are inspired by the images of Alain Letort, a French artist who paid tribute to the famous wooden puppet by creating 12 ink drawings, then coloured by Gianni Plazzi. The words become music, losing their meaning, becoming simple sounds that accompany the movements of the puppets moved by four actors-animators, according to a technique dear to the company.

 International Midsummer Festival- Tagliacozzo Festival
9 August 2021
The Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese performs Beethoven’s Triple Concerto and Eroica on the occasion of the two hundredth anniversary of Napoleon’s death.

Armonie d’Arte Festival
11 August 2021
The Ensemble Pietrodarchi in a concert paying tribute to Astor Piazzolla, on the Italy-Argentina routes, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth.

 Rossini Opera Festival
18 August 2021
The students of the Accademia Rossiniana “Alberto Zedda” perform the “Viaggio a Reims”,playful dram in one act with music by Rossini.

Festival Verdi
21 August 2021
Michele Mariotti, on the podium of the Arturo Toscanini Philharmonic and the Choir of the Teatro Regio di Parma, conducts Ernani for the first time, scheduled for the 20th Verdi Festival at the Teatro Regio di Parma.

Umbria Jazz
24 August 2021
This is a very special review that Umbria Jazz has organised for the afternoon concerts section. A cycle entirely dedicated to Italian orchestras, ensembles which, despite the difficulties, demonstrate extraordinary artistic vitality. A variegated cross-section, made up of different styles and visions, with the common denominator of the fascination that great ensembles can exert on the public.

27 August 2021
Inaugural concert of the 30th edition of Mittelfest. Performance created by FVG Orchestra, a world premiere: GrigorPalikarov conducts the orchestra, with the participation of the young soloist Erica Piccotti, in a show dedicated to the rivers of Europe, along the Rhine of Schumann’s Third Symphony and Smetana’s Vltava, stopping on the Devil’s Bridge, musically re-imagined for the occasion by Cristian Carrara.

Live hamlets
31  August 2021
Isabella Ragonese opens the sixth edition of Borgate dal vivo with a special event. From the inner courtyard of the Egyptian Museum in Turin, the actress will read excerpts from “Le Cosmicomiche” by Italo Calvino. The live music accompanying the reading will be performed by Riccardo Mazza, curator of the Frequencies project.

Sacred Music Festival Pordenone
3 September 2021
The Odechaton Ensemble performs Patriarcharumconcentus, conducted by Paolo Da Col. Of the rich and original musical heritage that flourished in the Middle Ages in the vast area of the Patriarchate of Aquileia, little has come down to us and what remains in the ancient codices is mainly liturgical or paraliturgical monody. The concert Patriarcharumconcentus offers an example of the wealth of musical languages and forms (sequences, discants, motets, hymns, celebratory motets, madrigals etc.) practised between the 15th and 16th centuries in the vast area of the Patriarchate, a place where different languages and cultures met and where knowledge was exchanged.

Mascagni Festival
10 September 2021

Südtirol Festival Merano
12 September 2021
NORDIC SWANS: SIBELIUS: „Il cigno di Tuonela“ op. 22, PÄRT: „Swansong“, TCHAIKOVSKY: „Il lago dei cigni“-Suite, arr. Kristjan Järvi

 Opera Summer Festival
14 September 2021
The Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto conducted by Marco Angius performs a new production conceived for Dante’s anniversary. It is Il Paradiso di Dante, the cornerstone of Salvatore Sciarrino’s musical reflection on the Comedy: an architecture of sounds that, from the indistinct original vibration, is layered as it ascends towards the highest of heavens.

Festival of Nations
21 September 2021
The Sensus Ensemble in “Ut Musica Pictura”, concert for the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s death.

Festival d’Autunno
23 September 2021
Peppe Servillo & Solis String Quartet in “Presentimento”, progetto che spazia all’interno dell’immenso panorama della musica napoletana senza cercare di circoscriverlo a un periodo o a un singolo autore. Da Gil a Viviani, da E.A. Mario al duo Cioffi/Pisano, da “Scalinatella” a “Mmiez’o grano a M’aggia curà”: la lista di autori e canzoni si inseguono e si incastrano con rigore regalando uno spettacolo a 360° che tocca musica, teatro e cuore.