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He was applauded last September at the first edition of the “Mascagni Festival” and arrives on the stage of the Goldoni Theater on Monday 7 December at 9 pm with a new streaming on demand “Mascagni”, the theatrical monologue by Alessandro Brucioni and Michele Crestacci, with Michele Crestacci; Massimo Signorini accordion.

The appointment, on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of the composer from Livorno, will be visible for free on the YouTube channel of the Goldoni Theater, on livu.it and on the italiafestival.tv platform (the show will be available on demand after live streaming).

Co-produced with mo-wan teatro, directed by Alessandro Brucioni, “Mascagni” is a storytelling show.

An actor and an accordionist tell the personal and artistic story of Pietro Mascagni in a comic and dramatic style, returning the complex portrait of a man made famous all over the world for his compositions. In thinking about his figure, the authors focused on the reconstruction of the social and cultural world of the time: the advent of fascism, colonial wars, artistic rivalry, the desire for affirmation and recognition of his artistic value, his stormy sentimental events. Mascagni in the sound imagery of those who will tell the character from this perspective is certainly the interlude, where the notes narrate the dramatic human story with boundless and poignant melodic dimension.

“Mascagni still tells a lot about us and about Livorno in the last century – explain the authors – As with all mo-wan theater shows on historical and famous characters from Livorno, the cut chosen is the trespassing between the past and the present, the continuity and differences, the discovery of underground cultural, social and customs connections. Finding in ourselves the characters of the characters, and making sure that they are able to tell us as contemporary men and to tell about themselves in their intimate and human world as well as historical and cultural. We are like mediums. In contact with the story of the character we force the rooms closed, we enter the damp cellars, we hoist ourselves on the glass of their windows to see and recognize their artistic flights ”.

Mascagni is a singular monologue, which begins its journey from a historical / musical research. It embraces the places of the past with an in-depth study of Peter’s experience. From his birth in Piazza delle Erbe – in Livorno – until his death, in the Eternal City. In between there is a whirlwind of stories, characters, indelible moments. The brackish that bites the docks of the port of Livorno in the late nineteenth century and the life of Pietro, made up of courage, stubbornness, determination and a rocky character, remain on him – like a perfume that is hard to unstuck from the skin.

The dramaturgy of this work merges with the main characteristic of its interpreter, Michele Crestacci: to always be true, damn true. The pièce becomes pressing hyperbole aimed at the caption where the actor, through text and interpretation, stubbornly digs moments, characters and feelings, which now become a hot hemorrhage of sounds in Labronian slang, now a curious and pulsating tale. Mascagni is a red wine to be tasted several times, with notes of ships lulled by the port, travels, ramshackle carts, newsboys wandering around deserted streets, underlined by hints of compositional genius, talent, success. It’s love.