Italiafestival e Efa invitano il mondo dei festival a Galway per Arts Festival Summit 2020

L’Europa è in continua costruzione, lo sono anche i festival.

Ognuno di noi individualmente, ma anche a livello dei festival e della società civile organizzata, ha voce in capitolo e fornisce un contributo a questo esercizio di costruzione permanente. “Under continual Construction” è la linea guida di Efa.

Efa in Europa, noi di Italiafestival in Italia, mettiamo in rete i festival promuovendo lo scambio di informazioni sulle ultime tendenze artistiche invitandoli a sfruttare al meglio il loro potenziale per abbracciare i compiti e le opportunità che ci si presentano oggi: un’alleanza in piena costruzione.

L’annuale rendez-vous dell’ European Festivals Association vede l’appuntamento 2020 con 250 di Festival all’ Arts Festival Summit di Galway.

Situata sul bordo occidentale dell’Europa, i festival europei si riuniscono nella capitale europea della cultura 2020 per condividere preoccupazioni, proposte artistiche, riflessioni, per parlare delle arti e dei festival e per raccogliere intuizioni sorprendenti, prospettive convincenti, proposte forti, domande preziose.

Qui la registrazione anticipata, entro il 29 febbraio


Monday, 27 April 2020

Galway Bay Hotel

11.30 – 16.30      AOIFE Arts Festivals Summit Meet Up

Association of Irish Events and Festivals members meet European Festivals.  Facilitated exchanges on opportunities of collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing

 17.00 – 19.00      Open Podium: Meet, Greet and Pitch your project

What do we need to know about the state of festivals across Europe? The latest trends, questions and proposals are pitched by EFA members and Irish festivals presenting their project for the next years, or introducing the state of the arts across various regions in the world

19:00 – 21.00      Opening of the Arts Festivals Summit

On how Galway turned into a city of festivals and arts, on how stories connect times, us and how our we-story of the next three days is shaping.

 21:00                     Dinner at the bar and foyer

Immagine dell’Arts Festivals Summit 2019 Lisbon

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Arts Festivals Summit MeetUp at GMIT, with a set of inspirational presentations . The morning session is the time for us to listen to people that are people beyond the festival makers zone, ‘outsiders’ of the businss of programming that are informing our work with their proposals.  We invite you to sit still, take a pan and a paper, or just open ears and eyes and listen. To those that had and have the time to think and process deeply about our world: artists, researchers, philosophers, writers; to the ways these creators are thinking and doing ‘their thing’: craftsmen and women; to the thoughts and work processes of someone that might have another expertise but shares the same concerns; to the reaction inside ourselves what these thoughts mean for us and our business.

10.00     Under  Continual Construction – a series of keynote presentations to be announced soon

13.30     In the heart of festival making: Facilitated lunch tool box discussions on the last insides, the hotest topics, the new waves of ideas, online tools, latest formats to take home

15.30     Walk and Talk Cultural Visits to meet Galway’s arts and cultural community and venues

The afternoon brings us to the heart of the arts in small walk and talk tours to the cultural venues and communities of Galway ending at the St Nicholas Church for the festive conclusion of the 4th Arts Festivals Summit.

19.00     St Nicholas church: EFA Young Artists Concert including conclusion of the Summit

Followed by individual dinner, encounter, meeting and sleeping time.

Wednesday, 29 April 2020 – For EFA Members Only

The EFA General Assembly takes place at the Nun’s Island Theatre  concluding the Arts Festivals Summit with the preparation of the EFA work for the next years, concluded with a farewell dinner for EFA members

9.30 – 13.30        EFA General Assembly

17.30                     Farewell aperitiv at Galway bay followed by dinner at Claregalway Castle